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Levee Instrumentation System

Location: Sacramento County, California Timeframe: 2002 - Present Client: Kjeldsen, Sinnock, Neudeck, Inc., Stockton, California Description: In order to better understand the nature of pore pressures and seepage beneath a levee in the Sacramento River Delta, and to evaluate the effectiveness of newly installed subdrains, four Slope Indicator 50-psi vibrating wire piezometers are utilized. One piezometer measures water levels in the adjoining river, while 2 others read piezometric pressures below the levee center line and the toe. The remaining piezometer is used to measure barometric pressure. Data is collected every hour and corrected for barometric pressure using a Campbell Scientific CR10X datalogger. Data is downloaded periodically using a handheld PDA and analyzed to determine the effects of tidal and elevated water levels on the levee.



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Dr. William Kane was instrumental in the application of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) techniques to slope stability monitoring, making KANE GeoTech, Inc. one of the few geotechnical engineering firms in the world with extensive experience in TDR technology. Our expertise includes full automation of remote TDR data collection systems, in addition to our TDR Field Reflectometer©, which offers rugged convenience for manual TDR data collection.