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Liddell Spring Instrumentation & Monitoring


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About This Project

Description: In order to better understand the relationships between rainfall, slope movement, and spring water quality 4 Roctest PWS-25 vibrating wire piezometers were installed to monitor water levels in a possibly dormant landslide near a limestone quarry. Any landslide movement was monitored using TDR sensor cables. A Campbell Scientific, Inc. CR10X datalogger was used to collect piezometer data every 15 minutes and control a Campbell Scientific, Inc. TDR100 reflectometer which recorded signatures once per day. Data was compared with respect to water levels, slope movement, and storm frequency and intensity. Data is automatically downloaded to KANE GeoTech, Inc. offices once per week. The system has been in continuous use since November 2000.

Location: Morgan Hill, California

Client: Pacific Geotechnical, Morgan Hill, California