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Rockfall & Debris Flow

KANE GeoTech, Inc. is an American leader in rockfall and debris flow hazard identification, analysis, and mitigation. We have extensive experience in engineering most major manufactured protection systems including Geobrugg and Maccaferri.

Our Process


Description: KANE GeoTech, Inc. conducts initial site assessments to evaluate the proposed project site. Our investigations are thorough and allow us to provide the best possible solution for our client.


Description: KANE GeoTech utilizes the information collected during our initial site assessment in order to perform analyses, using state of the art programs while following the standard of practice. We provide a complete set of plans and specifications in order for construction to begin.


Description: Our work doesn’t just stop at analysis and design. We provide exemplary service to our client from project start to project completion. Our construction oversight services include, a pre-construction meeting with the client and contractors, performing system layout, answering technical questions, performing quality assurance testing, and a final inspection.